Expert PC Care: PC repair with Integrity:

              Utilities Programs:

A group of free programs that we have joined together to provide well rounded    protection for your PC.  Typically they are:

¨ Super AntiSpyware

¨ Spybot– Search and Destroy

¨ Spyware Blaster

¨ AVG Free antivirus

¨ Windows Updates

¨ Disk Defragmenter

¨ Cleanup

¨ Instructions on how to run them




¨ Run your Utilities  Programs frequently

¨ Be careful of where you go on the web

¨ When in doubt, don’t click on a link; type the address manually yourself or don’t go there

¨ Be cautious with Email, especially of opening attachments

¨ Don’t download anything unless you KNOW it is safe

¨ Backup important data often

¨ If problems start to appear, address a solution quickly, don’t let it get worse!!


               Not Sure what to do?

Purchasing online:  Check them out first at

Is this program spyware?   Check them out at

Will this program do what it promises?  Google them    “program name”  reviews


                Call Expert PC Care!!