Expert PC Care: PC repair with Integrity:

       Small Business Services:

Our goal for small business is to provide necessary services and protection at an affordable cost.  Don’t make the system so overly complex that it constantly needs attention from trained techs to run properly.  Make the ordinary daily tasks such as data access and backup straightforward, so that a member of the office staff can reliably perform them.


A Partial list of services:

¨ Maintain a Domain environment when necessary (or desirable)

¨ Control access to data and programs as is prudent

¨ Create a viable backup system that can be maintained by the office staff

¨ Creating a stable local network environment with appropriate internet controls

¨ Creating safe remote access to the network  when desired

¨ Resolving the many software problems that arise in a networked environment

¨ Setup network printing

¨ Provide guidance on hardware and software upgrades